Ointment & Salves


 This ointment is an homeopath cream. Is is extremely effective for Eczema, Psoriasis, dryness or cracked skin. It is all natural, without cortisone or steroids. It is available in a 50 grams, 100 grams and 500 grams size.

Burn ointment

Ching Wan Hung is one of China's major herbal medicines for burns, so much so that it is used for serious third degree burns in hospitals. As a product, it is recommended as a topical first aid for first and second degree burns. It reduces the blistering and pain of a burn, promotes tissue regeneration, and prevents scarring. It is often used during radiation treatment to prevent and/or heal radiation burns.
Relieves pain FAST!
Heals burns.
Reduces scarring.
Treats all types of burns.
Used on first, second, and third degree burns.

Ching Wan Hung (also written Jing Wan Hong) clears heat, disperses swelling, invigorates blood, relieves pain, generates tissue. Use topically for first, second, and third degree burns with blistering, redness and pain. It has been applied to chemical burns, radiation burns, and sunburns, as well as burns caused by fire, electricity, steam, or direct contact with a hot liquid. It is also utilized to treat hemorrhoids, poison oak, poison ivy, dermatitis, ulcerative rashes, and bed sores. It acts to relieve pain, decrease inflammation and infection, and aid in the regeneration of the damaged tissues. It is fast acting, alleviating burn pain almost immediately after application. It is useful in pediatric eczema.