Chinese Herbs

Chinese herbs are often used in conjunction with acupuncture for added therapeutic effect or can be prescribed on their own depending on the patient's need and symptoms. While many cultures have herbal medicine traditions, the sophistication of Chinese herbal medicine is unsurpassed. Chinese herbal medicine has a long history reaching back several thousand years, and the resulting system is now used to treat everything from the common cold to many types of cancer.

There are thousands of herbs in the Chinese materia medica, of which about 300 are commonly used. You will generally receive a mixture of several different herbs in a formula that has been tailored to your condition. Chinese herbs are extremely effective, however it is very important to tell me about all the medications and supplements you are currently taking so that we can avoid any unwanted interactions with your formula.

 Concentrated powders and granules are the main forms of herbal medicine used in our clinic. They are made into a tea or can be capsuled.

There is a line of liquid tincture specially made for children.